Merritt Centennials: Ticket Information


The Centennials, under the leadership and passion of the 2012/2013 Interior Conference Coach of the Year and Merritt's own Luke Pierce, are proving themselves to be a playoff contending team the BCHL. There is no better time to be a season ticket holder!

The Centennials are headed in to thier 43rd consecutive season in the BCHL, and are continuing to build a great team of top players that made the playoffs in 2014/2015 for the 6th straight season. 




We are happy to announce the release of the 2015-2016 Season Tickets. We are currently building a new and exciting digital system for tickets allowing you greater flexibility in how you buy and use your tickets. Please see the information at the bottom of this page for all the details on our new system!

We will be drawing one lucky Season Ticket Holders name for a prize package valued at over $500, as well as offering special draws and incentives for our Season Ticket Holders throughout the season! Don't miss out!

Our system is in the final stages of construction, at which point it will be turned live. In the mean time, we are taking reservations for Season Ticket Holder Seats and offering Season Ticket prices listed below now in effect:

$295 for Adults
$205 for Seniors
$180 for Students
$99 for Children

Family Packs - $700 - 2 Adult tickets and your choice of Child, Student or Senior for remaining two tickets.

If you wish to buy your tickets now please email or call us 250-378-3604/come in to the Marketing Office located at 2001C Voght Street inside the Property Guys office Tuesday - Friday (with the exception of Good Friday) from 10am - 2pm.

Thank you to everyone who continues to support our team! We are really excited about this coming season! GO CENTS GO!

What's New???

This year there are some exciting improvements to our ticketing system, allowing you greater convenience in how and when you choose to use your tickets! These new improvements include:


  • Automatic seat blackouts for Season Ticket Holders. Your seats will always be your seats, and your seat number will never appear on someone else’s tickets and you will always have first right of refusal for your seats during playoffs.
  • Other attending non-season ticket holders will also be assigned seating eliminating general admission tickets and people sitting in your seats.
  • You can choose how you access your tickets! Whether that be:
    • digital tickets on your phone, tablet or ipod
    • printed off by you at home or work
    • physical tickets at the box office
  • Guests can purchase tickets at the box office, off of our website and social media.
  • Walletini will allow you to electronically share your tickets with friends or family if you cannot attend a game, or if want to gift the tickets.
  • Can’t use some tickets? No problem! We will have rainy day games at least once a month so you can use them or bring friends and family with you!
  • Would you like to donate some tickets? We can give you a list of organizations that would really appreciate donated tickets for use by those who may otherwise not be able to attend.
  • We will be offering 10-game flex packs where you can choose what 10 games you want to see and where you sit!

Here is a list of some questions you may have regarding all of the new things our updated ticketing system has to offer you!­­ 
Q. Will we get any perks being Season Ticket Holders this year?
A. Absolutely! We value you and we will be doing special draws and promotions for our Season Ticket Holders ONLY throughout the season to thank you for your continued support!
We will also be giving away an amazing prize pack worth at least $500 to one lucky purchaser of a 2015/16 Season Ticket Package! The more you buy, the better your chances to win!
Q. Will I still be able to get my regular Season Ticket Seats with this new system?
A. Yes! You will be assigned the seats you choose, and those will always be your seats. Your seat number will also appear on your tickets, physical or digital.
Q. How can I get my tickets now? Can I still get paper tickets?
A. Yes! You can obtain your tickets by printing them off on a personal printer, downloading them to your wireless device or phone and showing them at the door, or we can print you physical tickets at the box office.
Q. Can I still give my tickets away and/or share them with other people?
A. Yes! You can share them via email using the Walletini system, print them off on a personal printer, or you can get physical tickets from the box office.
Q. What is Walletini?
A. Walletini is a downloadable app that allows you to digitally email your tickets to anyone you choose so that they can use them to go to a game. Simple to use and totally secure.
Q. What if I can’t make a game because I am a shift worker, I am away, or I am busy that day? Do I lose out on those tickets?
A. No problem! We will have a rainy day game once a month, and possibly additional games where you can use any unused tickets! Bring a friend, family, co-worker or gift them to an organization.
Q.  Can I still get punch cards?
A. We will no longer be offering punch cards, however we will be offering a 10-game discounted ticket flex pass which will allow you to pick and choose what games you want to attend. This package will be released at a later date.

Q. What if I don’t have access to a computer?
A. No problem! We will help you input all of your information in to our digital system and can provide you with physical tickets as you need/want them. Or, you can have someone else access your account and print them for you.
Q. What are the benefits to me of this new ticketing system?
A. This new system is going to make things easier for you and every member of your family. You will now be able to:


  • Digitally send tickets to friends, family and children with no hassle of pick up and drop off of physical tickets.
  • Tickets are available in any way you choose, digital, print at home/work, or physical tickets provided by us!
  • If you have friends who decide they want to attend spur of the moment with you, they can simply go to our web site, click on the link and buy tickets on the spot, show them at the door and go, or buy at the box office.
  • If you are out of town and make it back in time to see a game, you no longer need to go home for your tickets, just pull them up on your wireless device and show them at the door.
  • Can’t make the game last minute? Email your tickets to someone who can or save them for a rainy day.

This new system is an exciting addition to our team, and will give our ticket holders more choice and greater convenience to access and use your tickets how you want them!

Regular Season Game
December 2nd, 2015 at 7:00 PM

South Okanagan Events Centre
Regular Season Game
November 27th, 2015 at 7:15 PM

2 - 1
Penticton 27 25 2 0 0 50
Salmon Arm 26 17 6 2 1 37
West Kelowna 27 16 9 0 2 34
Vernon 29 13 14 0 2 28
Trail 26 11 15 0 0 22
Merritt 30 9 19 0 2 20